Silent Racial Attack On Own Countrymen

Silent Racial Attack On Own Countrymen

By Madhu Chandra

Abstract of Research Project Report: North East Migration and Challenges in National Capital Cities

The case of Dhaula Kuan gangrape of 30 years old Mizo girl, an employee at BPO by five men in moving truck on midnight of November 23, 2010 had shocked the whole nation. It was not the first nor was last of the plights faced by people from North East India in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). The city of Delhi has become a common place for rape and unsafe for women, particularly for those working at night. A woman is raped every 18 hours and molested every 14 hours during 2010 in Delhi according to Delhi police. The plight of sexual harassment and racial discrimination, attack and sexual violence against North East India women in Delhi and NCR are not new phenomenon, it has been repeatedly meted out to people from North East India and particularly women from the region have become easy target to sexual violence.

North East Support Centre & Helpline, an initiative of All India Christian Council and Operation Mercy India Foundation has been whistle-blowing for the last four years through advocacy, documentation, memorandum and delegation to various institutions and government offices, appealing to take up preventive measure to stop crimes, to end racial discrimination, sexual violence and human trafficking. But there is no intervention from law enforcing and government machineries. The plights of the people from North East India have become serious year after year and therefore preventive measure should be enacted effectively. To address the issue through authentic findings, North East Support Centre & Helpline conducted a research during January and February 2011 under the title, “North East Migration and Challenges in National Capital Cities.” The research project report of 40 pages is scheduled to release on International Women’s day on 8 March 2011 and copies will be made available for public usage.

The study was carried out through field interviews, questionnaire and literature research methodologies. The respondents are from two sources – First, 107 respondents from field interviews and questionnaire and second from 96 victims who have reported to North East Support Centre and Helpline during 2005 – 2011. The study was conducted by a team led by Madhu Chandra, Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline, as partial fulfillment of his doctorate program from South Asia Institute of Advance Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bangalore.

The purpose of the study was to explore the trend of North East Indian migration and challenges faced in Delhi and NCR that through an academic research project, a documentation may be produced for law enforcing agents and concerned governments to introduce suitable laws, policies and plan of actions and implement them to end sexual violence, racial discrimination and challenges of human trafficking faced by North East India communities.

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All girl band from Mizoram – free will and spirit

Mizoram All-Girl band: The Chosen

(from gospel to rock)

The Chosen are:

The Chosen is the name of the newest all-girl band from Aizawl city, Mizoram. They say, “We are bringing different types of music together to praise the Almighty Father.” That says it all.

Mizo All Girl Band–  Apples

Name : Josephine Lalramengi (Jojo)

Name : Zobiakhluni (Zozo-i)

Name : Lalfakawmi (Afaki)

Name : Zodingliani (Dingdingi)

Mizo All Girl Band–  Blue Corn

one of the most popular Mizo girl bands- BAND member – Felicia, Tlingi and Kim Kimi

Read an interview with blue corn member Felicia Singson here

Mizo All Girl Band – ECT Trio (more traditional)

The Trio are – Muonting, Sangi & Kimpi

touching fresh song with simplicity, Although their genre is mostly Gospal songs, in this song there are some variation and openness.

Music Review : Khenlouna Khopi by ECT TrioHERE