Mising Recipes

By Pranab Doley

1. Borali Fish with Tora Leaves

Ingredients required:

Buds of Tora plant:300gm

Borali Fish:250gm Chilly:2

Salt:As required

Onion:2 Turnip:2

Leaves:As required

Method of preparation:

At first cut the bud into pieces and boil it.Add salt to it.Cut the fish into small pieces and mix turmeric along with the bud pieces of tora plant,onion,turnip,then pack it with a rope and put it on fire or gas stove.It gets easily cooked if it is put on fire but on gas stove it may take up 45 mins.When it is cooked,open the pack and keep it on a dish and add salt,chilly as required.Finally food is ready to be served.

This buds of tora plant can also be cooked as curry with fish.

2. Dry pork with bamboo shoot


1.Pork (Dry):250gm

2.Bamboo shoot: 2

3.Salt,chilly: As required

4. Black Pepper: Half table spoon

5. Onion: 2 medium size

6. Mustard Oil: 50gm

7. Turmeric and coriander leaves: As required

How to prepare:

Boil the oil on a pan and fry the onion till it becomes brown.Fry the meat for 5 mins and add the bamboo shoot,salt,chilly and black pepper as required.Mix it well and cook for 10-15 mins.Finally the curry is ready and serve it hot.

3.Pork with OMBE leaves:

Ingredients required:

Pork: Half kilo

Ombe leaves: Half kilo

Mustard Oil:100gm

Turnip,Onion: 1 or 2

Salt and termeric and Ginger: As required

Chilli: 5

Water: 1 cup Black pepper: half tea spoon


At first boil the meat for 6 mins and then wash the leaves and let it dry.Now put the pan on fire and fry the onion and turnip.Add the meat and mix it well.

Once the meat is tender and soft,add the leaves,salt,chilly,turmeric,black pepper,ginger and mix it well. When it is cooked add cup of water,so that both the meat and the leaves don’t get stuck on the pan. Once the meat and the leaves is mixed well,serve it hot,with rice or apong (County liquor).

Thanks to Minoti Doley Pegu

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