Pragyan – A quarterly academic journal from Tinsukia College, Assam

PRAGYAN:  We have been publishing it since August, 2003. With the last March, 09 issue we have completed 6 years of its existence. Basically it’s a bilingual (Assamese & English) journal, but we do publish Bengali & Hindi write up in our literary column. It was not an easy task to continue such a venture in a college in Assam where not a single public funded educational institute is running well. There is so many constrains which need not to be mentioned. All the learned people, like you, are well aware of these. Frustration and Depression are buzzwords in these institutes. We, the faculties of Tinsukia College, have chosen to do something positive to fight back. We are trying to change the scenario to the extent that we can. We are doing many more things. One of these is PRAGYAN. Here, our friends are from different school of thought and ideology. It was hard to get all of us united behind a single project like this. But we did it. The only commitment we have is to try something good & positive with whatever resources we have. . . .And the result is here. Pragyan survived for six years. It’s not very long time; neither have we claimed that our work is too qualitative to tell. But for a non-professional and non-profit venture like ours it’s not a short period either. It’s unique, in a sense that it’s now motivating other colleges of Upper Assam to follow the suit. We’ll be happy enough if your supportive criticism encourages many more educational institutes of the state and the North East Region to accompany us. We, the editors, will be happy to have your suggestions, criticisms & writings in our future publications.

Sincerely Yours

Rana K Changmai – Editor -in -Chief

Sushanta Kar  – Executive Editor

Pragyan, Tinsukia College, Assam