The role of intellectuals of Manipur

By Thoudam Manihar Singh

At present there appears to be a total confusion of what is happening in our State “Manipur”. The future of Manipur is in the hands of our politicians. There are some politicians who engage in politics for personal gains. But, we need a political leader of distinguished ability and a statesman who is skilled in Government affairs. Moreover, we require the patriotic intellectuals of our State to get together and think seriously about the future and welfare of our State to suggest ideas for progress, leaving aside the nature of finding fault of idiots and ignorant people. Let us learn to forgive and forget. Dr Kamal says “Ishwar leiribamaktada karigi meena meebu laman khumgadage, ngakpiyu ngakpibaga mannaba athoiba dharma ama leitrabani”.
Some say that India is shining. But the ancient status of Manipur had fallen into ruin. Everybody desires status and security. We may point to the poverty and unemployment among our youths, the price rise with the vision of Sixth Pay Commission, acute shortage of water for cultivation and regularly irregularity of electricity. Free and compulsory education, under Article 21-A of the Constitution is simply a rumour which cannot be taken as an evidence in many villages of Manipur, without establishing Government Primary Schools for the poor children, like a mirage in the desert, but with mushrooming of private and mission schools which the poor parents cannot afford. Even though it is under the provisions of Directive Principles and other provisions, in the Government Policy the long arm of justice cannot reach to the poor children who are the pillars of the nation.
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