Saurav kumar Chaliha: Profile of a time capturer–Profile-of-a-time-capturer

Saurav Kumar Chaliha is an Assamese writer of Assam, India, educated at Guwahati and London University, born – 1927. As a faceless fiction writer for nearly six decades he has existed only through his voice and writings, having no biography, no official photograph, the so-called interviews. This film is an visual journey, an attempt to write something by camera (by believing Robert Bresson’s words) on Saurav kumar Chaliha, along with valuable insight, analysis about the works of Saurav kumar Chaliha by Apurva Sharma, Prabhat Bora, Altaf Mazid and Arindam Borkotoki.

A film by NONI Cinematography and Editing: Rajiv Saikia Produced by : Daisy Saikia A round the globe presentation


A Film Realated Article on Three Flim Director

as the River flows …an upcoming movie by Bidyut Kotoky

The National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC), the central agency established to encourage the good cinema movement in the country commenced the shooting of its fully produced film titled As the River Flows. The movie, inspired by a true incident, stars Victor Banerjee, Sanjay Suri, Raj Zutshi, Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam and newcomer Bidita Bag. The film is written and directed by National Award winning filmmaker Bidyut Kotoky.

As the River Flows is a bilingual film being made in Hindi and Assamese. While the Hindi version will be named as As The River Flows, its Assamese version will be called Ekhon Nedhekha Nadir Shipaare. Well-known Assamese music composer and singer Zubin Garg has composed the music of the film.

As The River Flows tells the story of a journalist named Abhijit Shandilya who is caught in a multi-layered world of intriguing happenings in the largest inhabited river island in the world, Majuli, in Assam.

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Joymoti : The first radical film of India

Joymoti : The first radical talkie of India
An article by Altaf Mazid

In the history of Indian cinema are a few filmmakers who, by virtue of their creative ability, intense labour and extraordinary perseverance, have come to be considered genius. D G Phalke, V Shantaram, Pramathes Barua, Himansu Roy, Ritwik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray are some such figures. Traveling through the little roads of Assam, we find another member of that pantheon: Jyotiprasad Agarwalla (1903-51), one of the greatest cultural figures to have been produced by the state. He made only two films, far less than other filmmakers, yet with his first film alone he could be distinguished as a radical auteur of all India. Nevertheless, he is little known.

Joymoti, released in 1935, added a new chapter in the chronicles of Indian cinema, primarily in the discourse of realism. Further, Jyotiprasad was the only political filmmaker of pre-independent India, though there were many in post-independent India, starting with Ritwik Ghatak. Above all else, Joymoti is a nationalist film in its attempts to create a cultural world using the elements of Assamese society. It is the only work of its kind of that period.
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ADDA invites entries from filmmakers for participation in the 5th Adda Short Film Festival 2008

ADDA invites entries from filmmakers for participation in the 5th Adda Short Film Festival 2008. Applications for short films, documentaries, animated films of any origin are acceptable. 5th Adda Short Film Festival 2008, the most happening open-air roadside fest will take place on the evening of 31st October at Guwahati the gateway of Northeast India. Notes on Entering your Film

Submissions of short films

are only accepted for films of upto 15 minutes.
The works have to be submitted in Mini DV or DVD format. The previewed tapes will not be returned and shall be preserved in adda’s
Archive. On the submitted copies (both on the cassette and the cover), the name of the director and the title of the film have to be indicated.

Entry Form

Please use one entry form per film.


If the film is not originally in Assamese then it must have English subtitles on the copy that is used for screening.

Additional documentation

•30 words (minimum) synopsis/summary which may be used in the official catalogue, plus any printed production notes and other festival screenings (if any).
•Director‘s filmography
•Credits list
•Please send a portrait of the director and in minimum two stills of the film, which are suitable for printing. That means: – photos data with 300 dpi with a size of at least 8 x 10 cm.
· All additional documentation should be sent in a data CD format.


The entries will be pre-evaluated and short listed before screening by our distinguished panel of filmmakers, whose decision would be final and binding. If you do not receive a response by October 26th, 2008 we regret that it is an indication of your film’s disqualification. We are very sorry that it is not possible on our part to respond personally to every submission.


There is a non-refundable entry fee of Rs. 300/-. The application sheet is valid only with the attached copy of the Demand Draft in favour of ‘Adda’ payable at Guwahati.

Deadline for entries

Deadline for entries and last date for submission of films is 30th Sept 2008. Late entries shall not be accepted, as all entries will be subjected to pre-evaluation.
All entry should be sent by post or courier service only on right time.

Please forward your entry with all necessary material to following address:

4th Adda Short Film Festival 2007
Nest Video Editing Pvt. Ltd.
24 # Palash Path,Senduri Ali,
R.G.B. Road
Review: Films that already participated in this festival

Application form

Original Title:
English Title (If non English):
Running time:
Date of production:



Director Address:

Tel/fax/gsm Email:


Producer Address:



Production info: Organisation – name and address:

I declare that the regulations of the Adda Short Film Festival are known to me and I accept them without any restrictions.
I certify that I am authorised to submit this work to the Adda Short Film Festival.
________________________I ___________________________________
Name of applicant ,position


Applicant address, tel, e-mail

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Signature date and place

Extra info: