Saurav kumar Chaliha: Profile of a time capturer–Profile-of-a-time-capturer

Saurav Kumar Chaliha is an Assamese writer of Assam, India, educated at Guwahati and London University, born – 1927. As a faceless fiction writer for nearly six decades he has existed only through his voice and writings, having no biography, no official photograph, the so-called interviews. This film is an visual journey, an attempt to write something by camera (by believing Robert Bresson’s words) on Saurav kumar Chaliha, along with valuable insight, analysis about the works of Saurav kumar Chaliha by Apurva Sharma, Prabhat Bora, Altaf Mazid and Arindam Borkotoki.

A film by NONI Cinematography and Editing: Rajiv Saikia Produced by : Daisy Saikia A round the globe presentation


Art works by Luna Gogoi

Beautiful art by LUNA GOGOI

Marvelous pencil art works by Lanso Yanthan

Lanso Yanthan,  Kohima, India

Artist Lanso Yanthan

More artworks by Lanso Yanthan HERE

Robijita Gogoi and her creation

Above are pics from play “Memsahab Prithvi”. A play directed by Robijita Gogoi

Robijita Gogoi is an Independent performance artist.

She devised performance like Memsaheb Prithvi( Hindi Language) based on research & documentation books and a folk tale; Technicolour Dreams( Multi lingual)is a conceptual work; Nisheli( Nagamese Language)based on a folk tale; Somayni Khusernai(Bodo Language) is a conceptual work; Devi Peether Tez(Assamese Language)based on a Novel; Rangpharpi Rangbe (Karbi Language) based on a folk tale; Building Arithmetic( Assamese Language ) based on a short story .

Robijita Created performance art called Gaatha-the 1st text amalgamating visual installation, poetry, news paper clips, chanting, songs in 03( 25 performances all over India); Performed in installation performance called Identity Market with visual artist Dilip Tamuli in 02,Performed in Asian artist’s collaborative performance – Unbearable dreams vol.3 in 05.

Robijita Directed written plays in India Languages like Assamese, Hindi, Kanada, Nagamese, Bodo, Karbi since 1995.I approached the texts like Marguerite Duras’s La Musica( French Play), J.M. Synge’s The Riders to the Sea(Irish Play), Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter( English Play), Bijoy Tendulker’s Kanyadaan( Indian), Mohon Rakesh’s Aashad ka Ek Din(Indian) and Joy Shankar Prashad’s Dhruvswamini(Indian) etc among 20-25 plays.

She Presented a paper the relevance of a Doll’s House–Translation and Adaptation in the context of India’s northeast in the International Ibsen conference holds at Dhaka, Bangladesh Nov ’02, Presented a lecture cum demonstration on her works in ‘Purva’- an Asian Women Theatre Director’s Conference hold at New Delhi 03, India, Presented a paper title identity politics, Conflict situation, self engagement in Theatre in the international conference on DAWN South & South East Asian regional consultation on Feminist engagement with conflict, impunity and peace in Kathmandu, Nepal 09 and Worked as a costume designer in collaboration projects like ‘Miwa’1998- an Indo-Japan collaboration work in Tokyo, Japan.

Robijita worked with organizations like National School of Drama Repertory Company (New Delhi), Bhanderarkar’s institute of Theatre (Karnataka), Centre for Asian Theatre (Bangladesh), Shi Ram Centre for performing Arts (New Delhi), North East Social Trust (Assam), Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (New Delhi), North East Network (India), ANT (Assam), Proto Theatre (Tokyo, Japan), etc in the capacity of a Theatre Director and Theatre Trainer.

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Madhumita Saikia and her ART works