Assamese National, Scientific and Encyclopedic, Unilingual dictionary

First Workshop on a Scientific Comprehensive  & Encyclopedic Assamese Dictionary at Jorhat,Assam7th July 2002

The richness or poverty of any language is best adjudged upon by, inter alia, the vocabulary it possesses and that vocabulary must be written down methodologically, in the form of a dictionary. Otherwise the words would remain as colloquial, verbal, informal and be deprived of standardization.

The Assamese language has been here for the last one millennium or so. But unfortunately there has been no Comprehensive, Scientific and Encyclopedic, Unilingual dictionary of the language so far. While the hitherto published dictionaries comprise only

37,000 words at best,we at Asom Jatiya Prakash do believe that the total number of words spoken and written by at least 1,00,000,00(ten million) speakers today in a language, which has prevailed for at least 1000 years ,should not be less than 2,00,000 at any cost.

It has been one decade since we set out on that holy mission. Nearly 100 volunteers and scholars guided by a few of the most respected linguistis and lexicographers have embarked upon this formidable task.

Assamese National, Scientific and Encyclopedic, Unilingual dictionary

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