All girl band from Mizoram – free will and spirit

Mizoram All-Girl band: The Chosen

(from gospel to rock)

The Chosen are:

The Chosen is the name of the newest all-girl band from Aizawl city, Mizoram. They say, “We are bringing different types of music together to praise the Almighty Father.” That says it all.

Mizo All Girl Band–  Apples

Name : Josephine Lalramengi (Jojo)

Name : Zobiakhluni (Zozo-i)

Name : Lalfakawmi (Afaki)

Name : Zodingliani (Dingdingi)

Mizo All Girl Band–  Blue Corn

one of the most popular Mizo girl bands- BAND member – Felicia, Tlingi and Kim Kimi

Read an interview with blue corn member Felicia Singson here

Mizo All Girl Band – ECT Trio (more traditional)

The Trio are – Muonting, Sangi & Kimpi

touching fresh song with simplicity, Although their genre is mostly Gospal songs, in this song there are some variation and openness.

Music Review : Khenlouna Khopi by ECT TrioHERE


Muonting, Sangi & Kimpi – ECT Trio

A touching fresh song with simplicity, Although their genre is mostly Gospal songs, in this song there are some variation and openness , Composed by V Pumkhansiam, this song appears in ECT Trio’s Khenlouna Khopi ( ECT Trio Vol 7). ” Hon Honpa sung nisim omtheih le’ng; Tonung lungmuanna hi”.

The video are no less than a regular kind. The editor laid hand on new and already seen motions to give out a clean and presentable format. They, the trio, are ever presentable and pleasing. The lively and robust Sangi manages walking away with even more accorlade this time; Every while she does acts a very decent manner, which shows how much she’s matured. Here older sister Kimpi does demure like always. Muonting, the modest and little coy girl, this time round manages to catch your attention. She’s graceful and does manages to sprang abit.

Read more about their album “Khenlouna Khopihere

I stand by and applaud Lal Thanhawla’s remarks

 An article by David M. Thangliana
Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla’s remarks in Singapore about his racism experience even in his own country has certainly caused a commotion in India with the media taking a more than a passing interest to what could have caused the CM to utter such remarks that could give India a bad name in the international community. To some, especially those Indian delegates attending Singapore’s International Water Week, Lal Thanhawla’s remarks were in poor taste and completely out of context with the reason they had come to Singapore. On the other hand, most people of the North East, including myself, welcomed the remarks since they are completely true.My childhood experiences in Calcutta (now Kolkata) have been indelibly imprinted in my memories much as I would like to forget them. We were called ‘Chinkies’ (for Chinese) in the streets and no one seemed to know the North East existed despite the fact that Calcutta is the doorstep for the NE Region. Teachers in our school also showed discrimination towards us and I still remember an incident where my answer papers were manipulated and I had to be content with the third position in rank while I could have been first had my answer papers not been tampered with. Despite my complaints and clear signs that my answers had been rubbed out and replaced with wrong answers in a handwriting that was distinctly without any similarities with mine, my teacher failed to entertain my complaints. This is just one of many incidents of discrimination I experienced and I feel deep sympathy for those students studying outside the region still facing the same problems I had faced some 40 or so years ago.As the Mizoram Chief Minister pointed out, there are three main races in India. One is Aryan and they are found in North India. Second is Dravidian and they are predominantly found in the southern portions of the country. The third race is Mongoloid and they are found mainly in the NE Region. As such, we have Aryan, Dravidian and Mongolian stock as the main races of India but out of these three, only the first two seem to be identified as Indians even by Indians themselves. It is understandable for foreigners to mistake those Indians with Mongoloid features as someone not Indian, but it is unforgivable and deeply discriminatory for Indians not to know that India is a multiracial country with people of different facial features and skin colours ranging from very fair to very dark living in it. These different facial features and colours are also to be found in the North East. Whose fault is it that a majority of Indians do not know that India has a Mongoloid race too and that the North East itself has a multiracial population?
Neglect has been an age-old complaint of the people of the North East by the Centre and this neglect has not been contained to the political circle, but also to the national media. Being a journalist, I have friends all over the North East Region from the journalist community. Whenever we come together, one of our main topics still remain the neglect shown to the Region by the national media. The North East is given coverage only when violence erupts, NE students are molested, raped or killed and when a controversial issue comes out, such as the present incident where Mizoram CM Lal Thanhawla brought up the racial discrimination issue in an international forum. Apart from this, the national media, whether electronic or print, never give enough coverage of the region to the public in other parts of India. I believe it was in 2004 that Professor Laltluangliana Khiangte of the Mizoram University and I had an opportunity to interact with members of the national media in New Delhi. We had succinctly and repeatedly pointed out at that time too how the national media do not give enough coverage of the NE Region. Five years hence, it is a Chief Minister who had to bring the issue out again although he did not say this in so many words.

Read the full article here

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Mizo BAND, “The Scavenger Project” and their composition ‘Signs’

The band is a Project band ,the line-up recently embraces Lungmuana on vocals along with Tha ‘Ace’ on Vocals and sampling. The Band line-up on this video are-Rosy and LR-a on vocals ,Victor on guitar, Jonah on Bass and John on Drums.

The Scavenger Project is a convergence of the top talents in the Mizoram music industry, the members are experienced both on stage and off, with a gift for composition and songwriting. They describe their music as ‘electro-rock progressive’, a blend of electronic, progressive rock, hiphop and metal.

The band/project is the brainchild of Victor, former guitarist of the popular band Magdalene. He has won best guitarist on 3 college competitions, organized by IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur and HBC Aizawl. He run’s Scavenger Records which is responsible for most of Aizawl bands recordings.

Jonah, the bass player is a former member of IIIrd Sovereign, one of India’s premiere extreme metal bands. They recorded an album ‘Destined to Suffer’ in 2007 which was hailed as one of the best metal albums ever put out by an Indian band. He has played in numerous other pet projects.

Michael M Sailo ‘The Aceman’ is the top hiphop artist in Mizoram. He has 2 albums – Ka Duhaisam (2004) and Chapter 2: A zual thin e (2006) under his belt with another much anticipated remix album due later this year. He is currently a recording engineer at Zozam Audio Visual Inc.

John: John is also the drummer for the band Drop Doubt, Aizawl’s most talented progressive rock bands. He was the drummer for the Mizo Idol 2007 house band, a popular television talent show in Aizawl.

Lma: Lma started out singing at the age of 12 and have a dream to be an international artist. He has played along with countless bands in Aizawl. He won the best vocals at the The Art and Culture Solo competition and also at the North-East Beat contest 2006. He is also a composer for some of the Local Artist.

The band have just secured First Place in the Independence Rock’s competition for the East Zone held in Kolkata. Independence Rock is an annual competition and is one of India’s premiere Rock talent hunt.