Saurav kumar Chaliha: Profile of a time capturer–Profile-of-a-time-capturer

Saurav Kumar Chaliha is an Assamese writer of Assam, India, educated at Guwahati and London University, born – 1927. As a faceless fiction writer for nearly six decades he has existed only through his voice and writings, having no biography, no official photograph, the so-called interviews. This film is an visual journey, an attempt to write something by camera (by believing Robert Bresson’s words) on Saurav kumar Chaliha, along with valuable insight, analysis about the works of Saurav kumar Chaliha by Apurva Sharma, Prabhat Bora, Altaf Mazid and Arindam Borkotoki.

A film by NONI Cinematography and Editing: Rajiv Saikia Produced by : Daisy Saikia A round the globe presentation


Climate Change Engulfs Assam

Extreme rainfall intensifying flood risk in Northeast India, Climate Change Engulfs Assam

By Chandan Kumar Duarah

Though flood is a recurrent feature in this part of India, the recent deluge is quite unmatched. Of late, the northeastern part of the country is experiencing the impact of climate change in excessive rainfalls, heavy and flash flood,  a early or late monsoon, longer summer, drought-like situations, rise in temperature, an increasing pest population etc. Climate change in the region is found to be accelerated with large amount of carbon emission and deforestation in Northeast India. The annual monsoon, crucial to India’s food production and economic growth, hit the tropical country earlier in the month of June this year.
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Discussion on 75 years of Assamese Movies (In Assamese)

The discussion panel includes Altaf Mazid (renowned film critic) and Dr. Ankuran Dutta. They discussed on the memorable beginning of Assamese Cinema, how Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla overcame all hurdles to make a film a success. Various eras of Assamese Cinema, its growth, success, setback and comparison to other film industry are also discussed. The programme is produced by audio visual project of Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University, Guwahati, Assam, India.

Assam houses 60% of the world’s butterflies


Of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world the Northeast is home to some rare breeds of flora and fauna that could hardly be seen anywhere in the globe. Of late, a study revealed here, found that the northern region can boast of about sixty per cent of the butterflies found in the entire globe.

Out of the world’s15,000 odd butterflies, Assam houses more than 800 of the exotic winged variety. This is perhaps, largely due to the abundance of the entire North East India. The study also revealed that Kaziranga, famous for the unicornis, alone houses about 300 of the exotic species The worrying part is that there is a gradual decline due to deforestation and very less conservation activities. In the state of Assam, as over much of the Indian sub-continent, there is very little conservation activity directed towards butterflies. This decline in species, so typical of the third-world today, is an indication of the ongoing global environmental crisis, and if not checked will perhaps reach a point where downward trends can no longer be reversed.

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Four Dimensional man

By Siddhartha Borkakati

Here I am
a four dimensional man
wearing a broken window
on my chest and….
and a pair of
spectacles of mist.
I can fly but fail to walk
on the pavements that lead to
a hole known as home.